Cheating on New York

There is an ad campaign throughout the subways and subway cars – Cheat on New York – and the posters of are of different locations throughout the world. Some tropical beaches taking you to the Caribbean, some wooden shoes taking you to Holland, some vats of German beer taking you to Germany, some Sun and beach taking you to Mexico…

Well that is what I am doing in 3 days – I will be cheating on New York with Mexico for 7 days. I will soon by laying on the beach in Cabo San Lucas with my girl Tina. I may blog again before I leave and I may not…but I definitely will probably not blog while I am gone, so there will be a blogging hiatus until March.

I am not much of a cheater, don’t believe in cheating in any aspect of my life but I think it is a wonderful ad campaign. Especially for New Yorkers – a lot of people do not like to leave this small island we call Manhattan and I am finding myself to be one of those people more and more. As in I don’t like to leave for little trips, like why go to Massachusetts or upstate when everything is here – why wouldn’t people rather come here and visit, instead of me going there. I don’t get it!! Hahaha – NYC has so much to offer, I hate leaving the island.

BUT BUT BUT I will leave and CHEAT on NEW YORK for fabulous warm beach vacations.

So its time to Cheat, time to Cheat on New York.

See ya later SUCKAS! I am off to lay on the beach!!!!



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