Muffin makes me think of my life changes

Sometimes I cannot believe how fast time flies by. A year ago today my doggie Muffin died. She had been with me for almost 16 years – 16 years!! That is longer than most people stay in your life.

I know some people don’t understand the concept of a pet being like a family member but Muffin was. She was with our family for almost 16 years and I cannot believe a year has passed since she died. I remember being at work at the Home Depot, I worked the early shift – meaning I got in at 5:45am. My mom called to tell me that they had to put Muffin to sleep. When she called I burst into tears, uncontrollably sobbing. I couldn’t believe Muffin was gone. That little smiling face, wagging her tail at me every time I came home. Sometimes snubbing me when I came home because I had been gone for too long. It is crazy how attached you can become to animal and how you love them just like your family members.

My dad bought my mom a new puppy this past weekend for her bday – I think in some ways to fulfill that void of Muffin being gone. Gracie is cute, but to me she is not Muffin.

Thinking of Muffin’s death makes me realize where I was a year ago compared to where I am now. WOW. My life has changed. A year ago I was living in Massachusetts, working full-time at the Home Depot as a Head Cashier, living with my brother and Katie, and I was absolutely miserable. I was just going through the motions. Now I am here living in NYC, I have an apartment in Manhattan, I am working as a lawyer, I just took a week vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and I am happier than ever.

Odd how things can change in a year.

Muffin I miss ya, my favorite little doggie.


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