a joke, a complete utter joke.

Is what my daily life is….

I am an attorney right? Right? Everyone? Anyone? an attorney? It’s what I went to school for 8 years for, right?

I have my BA in Finance, my JD and my LLM in Transnational Business.

I was not an art major right? I didn’t go to school to make dioramas, right? Isn’t that what mom’s do for their kids – make them kick ass dioramas?

I didn’t go to school to cut out pictures of people and make artwork for a fake television show in our office did I?

My “artwork” for this fake show is now up for auction within the office. The bidding is about to close in 15 minutes, thus far somewhere over $170 has been raised.

See here is the story…. we have some lulls in our office. And a long time ago this fake television show was created – Called The Cactus and Reed Show. Many changes have occurred over time and many new people have been drawn into this show. If you go back to my blog

I have reached the PINNACLE of MY LIFE – I am Michael Jordan…

You can read more about the show and how it started.

Anyways the key creator of the “show” quit our real job to move on to bigger and brighter things. So we (we being the rest of the show staff) decided it was time to end the show.

Well in ending the show, we will call them “the producers” of the show decided we should auction off all the guests ever to be on the show to raise money for drinks and a gift for Dan’s departure. Mind you – these guests are basically creations made by me and 2 of my other co-workers. A lot of them are Karin originals.

The bidding for these items kicked off and let me tell you I was thinking that at most we would raise $30 or so… but in the end $256!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The highest item going for $37.50. It was insane. People were fighting over items.

Here is a spreadsheet of what was sold and for how much:

Celebrity Guest Current Bid

If you want to see any of this fabulous work you can visit the show’s Blog page at http://www.thecactusandreedshow.blogspot.com/. (this link will take you to a blog about the show history – http://thecactusandreedshow.blogspot.com/2006_07_01_archive.html )

I never realized that my artwork was so appreciated. Brian and I decided we are in the wrong profession and we should be creating art and selling it. SHIT we made $256 today!!

So there you have it folks – most of my afternoons are spent at work making paper cutouts that people in my office just bid a lot of money on.

But the show is now over – today was the finale with a tribute to Dan – some of our finer work I must say so myself. (but watch out for a spin-off, the producers are talking spin-offs).

My life as an attorney…. who knew…who knew…


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