Vacations over…

I am back, back to reality, back at work…the fluorescent lights sucking the tan out of me. I slowly feel my tan wilting and that after vacation glow of rest and relaxation fading.

Miami was a good time as always. It was so good to be with my girls, Mary, Linda, and Keiasha. They are my best friends and my heart and soul. Its not very often that the four of us get to be together and I have to tell you our vacation was a lot of drinking, sunbathing, eating, laughing, crying, talking, and dancing. We had fun and it was just all about being with the girls.

It was odd when Keiasha left on Sunday and Mary, Lin and I were still there until Wed., but a few of Lin’s friends were there from home and the 5 of us girls continued the party.

We had a routine pretty much down pat for every day:
Wake up somewhere btw 9 and 10 – head to the beach or pool – lay there and eat and drink until like 2 or 3.
Then head up to the room to freshen up a bit and head to the Clevelander (an outdoor bar on Ocean Drive) for Happy Hour from 4-6.
Some days we would hit Wet Willies for more drinks after that or find another spot to drink drink drink up.
Then Dinner.
Then back to the hotel for some showers, some rest, and then head out for the nite….if we weren’t too drunk (some nites we were too drunk to even make it out.)

I would have to say my favorite nite was the nite we took our wine down to the beach and just sat there and talked until after the sun went down. I love you girls… I have no clue where I would be, who I would be without you.

Until next year – Greece 2008 – Keeks and Kar’s 30th Bday parties!!!



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