the itch…

that must be scratched. I hate, HATE being stuck indoors when it is so nice out. This week has been beautiful, gorgeous and I am stuck in an office w/ no windows. Therefore, you find me arriving to work early and leaving early because I cannot sit inside all day. This is why I was always a lifeguard or a camp counselor or something during the summers in college, why I spent a summer on the greek islands during law school, etc. etc.

So tell me again why I chose a profession, that I must sit inside all day long, in an office, at my desk, with no windows and fluorescent lights.

Its so hard sitting here all day when I know there are 3 rooftop bars w/in a 4 block radius of my office, that there are several parks near by, that I could just be outside walking.

maybe someday i will have the freedom to be outside more during the spring. one thing i do know is that, no more working on weekends all my hours will be done monday-friday!! its TOO nice out to be here on the weekends (unless it rains…)


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