Botox and wrinkly foreheads

Last nite I was asked if I have ever had botox in my forehead because I have no wrinkles there. I was like huh???????

First I thought, damnnnn I am not even 30 yet I hope I don’t have a ton of wrinkles!!

Then I said “wait, why would i get botox in my forehead and not on my crow’s feet around my eyes?” (cuz yes i have them…)

so this morning, i sat there looking in the mirror – scrunching my face every way possible to make my forehead wrinkly and finally I found a way to make this one wrinkle across my forehead. So I texted the person and said – I do have a wrinkle on my forehead, a huge one!!!!

I came into work and told Carolyn the story and then showed her the face I made to get that one wrinkle. and she said “I have NEVER seen you make that stupid face!”
So there you have it, a stupid face I never ever make causes my one wrinkle in my forehead.

Then I read my email and had a link to this picture of Luke Perry and Keiasha writing WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO DYLAN!!!

at least i don’t look like him…
Here’s Luke and his botox-needing forehead:


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