dreaming about Karin Bday 2008 – GREECE…

as my birthday approaches, the more I think about my birthday NEXT year. I will be 30 next year and I know exactly where I want to be on my 30th bday – where I was on my 25th …


I decided that I have over a year to save up for a nice vacation to the greek islands for my 30th. I would love to have my closest friends there with me – so start saving up!!!!!!!!!! But, if ya’ll can’t make it. I am ok with that…If I am there by myself, I am there by myself and its where I want to be. So you know I will make it happen!!!

GREECE HERE I COME…..June 9th, 2008!

here are just a few pics from when i was in greece summer 2003…


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One response to “dreaming about Karin Bday 2008 – GREECE…

  • Anonymous

    Greece has nude beaches, right? I’m in! I’m not one of your closest friends but I’ll be there! I’m not creepy, just overly interested.

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