CSI: Miami

Really, seriously for real – I need to stop watching CSI: Miami every night before I go to bed.

Last night I had a dream that I was part of the CSI team and we were working a case.

It was so weird 2 people were dead in a cab outside of a house and one of our coworkers was thought to be dead in the backseat of a convertible w/ a gunshot in his forehead. The guy that lived in the house tried to chase me off w/ a leaf-blower and his wife got away, which she was our main suspect. And our coworker was not actually dead, because he had a metal plate in his forehead that stopped the bullet, he was just unconscious. Then the Feds came in and tried to usurp our jurisdiction for some reason and that’s how it ended us all being mad and trying to get ahold of Heratio.

I woke up – distinctly remembering that I have had this dream before.

WAYYYYY to much CSI:Miami for me. I may need to go on a hiatus from it but I do love Heratio.


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