As most of you know I DESPISE doing laundry. I would rather go buy new clothes than actually do my laundry. Since I moved into Manhattan, I have been dropping my laundry off and I pay someone else to wash, dry, and fold my laundry. Well, I still have issues w/ my laundry piling up and not taking it over there. The other day I carried over 27 lbs. of laundry and that was just 1 of 3 bags.

So last nite, I got home from work before 8:00 (when the laundry place closes) so I decided to take over the next bag and pick up the 27 pounder. I quickly grabbed the bag and didn’t tie or close up the top.

I was almost to the shop when my phone buzzed in my purse w/ a text message, I grabbed my phone out flipped it open and checked out the message. The message threw me into an absolute Tailspin (the actual content of the message has no relevance to this blog and everything is ok no worries). BUT upon reading the message, I got light headed and shaky and next thing I knew my laundry bag was on the ground w/ my laundry spilling out onto the streets of NYC. I am bending over in my semi-tight yellow summer dress, trying not to show the whole world my hoo haa, trying to process the text message, pull myself together and shove my laundry back in the bag. (good thing all my lingerie was in the batch i took over the day before!) Next thing I know some man comes running over and starts helping me gather things – saying Are you ok? I was just like sure, sure I am fine, thank you. I don’t even know what he looked like, he could have been a bum trying to steal my underwear. Then he said Your face looks like someone died. I said Oh no I am fine. And I quickly scattered away to the laundry place to drop off my now even dirtier laundry and pick up my 27lbs of freshly washed and folded laundry. Its a good thing I dropped the dirty clothes, ohhhh I would have been pissed if I had dropped clean ones!

NOT one of my finer moments here in NYC.

(and no, no one is dead or injured…no worries as to the content of the message its all good in the hood now)


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