Bday Week…

This is the start of my bday week! My package arrived from my parents at work today and of course it is down-pouring! My bday is actually saturday the 9th, but I like to celebrate all week long. I opened the box but 2 of the presents are wrapped and they will sit and wait until saturday along w/ the cards. But I did get these really cool old skool cubbies pins from my dad that he got at an auction – one is from 1945 when the cubs went to the world series and another is from 1989 when the Cubs were the NL Eastern Division Champs there are 8 pins in total. Also some chocolates made in Atkins, Iowa – I shared them w/ my closest friends in the office and as always Peter was just absolutely amazed at the wonderful things that could come out of Iowa – who knew???

I have 2 bday parties this week (but of course) – one tomorrow nite w/ my coworkers and some other friends and one on saturday which is just relaxing on the beach and drinking w/ some good friends. I always invite my mom (even though she is in Iowa) just to include her and here was her response to my evites:

“Well now…it hurts me to think of that day almost 29 years ago. I’m not
sure if the birth was more or less painful than the raising of Karin :>)
Oh wait, I’m not sure I’ve finished that task. I am fairly certain
that I’m the only one on this list that has known Karin externally for
almost 29 years and internally for 10 months longer than that. Guess I’m
rambling but did any of you know that
Karin was 4 weeks over due (no there weren’t any miscalculations). Maybe
this explains some things about her. Hehehe!
Karin forgive me for not being able to commit to joining you on the
roof. I’m sure your friends will celebrate with you just as well as I
would have. I’ll try for the Greece trip at the 30th.
A package will be sent tomorrow.
I LOVE YOU my special person.”

Also, my mom has some words of advice for anyone in particular – “The best way to maybe possibly potentially even remotely try to figure Karin out, is to stop trying to figure her out.”

ONWARD w/ the BDAY drinking!!!

Oh and of course it was down-pouring today and is supposed to tomorrow because it ALWAYS rains when I have a bday party! ALWAYS!


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