The Downward Slope

Well, my bday has come and gone. Its official I am 29. My last year in my 20’s – life could potentially be over….

My bday celebrations were full of friends, drinks, laughter, and very drunken moments. Friday night kicked off w/ a few drinks w/ some coworkers at my favorite bar OReillys (aka the O) to visit my 1st 2 favorite bartenders in Manhattan – Seamus and Mike. Then a few of us girls headed down to the Red Lion – where my 3rd favorite bartender in Manhattan served us up all nite long. I can’t even count how many shots I did on friday nite. I got several bday wishes at the stroke of midnite – from friends, family, and of course it seems that on your bday ex-boyfriends LOVE to crawl out of the woodwork. I can’t even tell you how many ex-bfs, flings etc sent me texts from midnite on…. seriously do they think i will be drunk enough to be like ohhhhhhhhh ok lets hook up!! The most curious ex text came at 6:09am on my actual bday on Saturday. He said he had set his alarm for 6:09am on 6/9 so he could wish me a happy bday. Sweet – but sooo not like him. I was like ZD is that you?? George (the 3rd favorite bartender in Manhattan) was calling me at 4:30am…. he’s nuts. I also walked into our apt at like 3:30am DDDDDRUNK and couldn’t figure out in the dark what was all over the walls of our living room. Jen – my roomie had decorated the whole living room for me!!!!! THANKS – it was Awesome!

(of course the pics below were taken by George and he is the one that snapped that fabulous cleavage shot – oh george…)

Saturday I drug my drunk ass out of bed because I was meeting people at the Water Taxi Beach on Long Island City at 1:30 for some Bday Beach time. We had such a great time – thank you guys for showing up!! I was surrounded by amazing friends – some of my closest and best friends in NYC all week long. But there is always a void when you can’t share your celebrations w/ your family members and best friends that do not live here. There is always a void when someone that means the world to you is not there to share your day w/ you, to give you a big bday hug and kiss. You try to push past that though and enjoy the company that is w/ you and made it out for your big day.

Of course on our way home from the Beach, Jen stopped and bought me a Bday cupcake at crumbs!! MMM yummy – then we had my favorite Greek Restaurant for dinner!


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