Only at my office

When there is a bday at my office, there is usually a card passed around the office that everyone signs and sometimes there is cake and singing. I told my closest friends in the office please no cake or singing this year. So along w/ that thought process I didn’t even really think about receiving a card.

This morning some guy comes up to me and says have you signed this card yet I said no (because obviously I hadn’t). Steve was standing right next to me and he quickly snatched it out of my hand and said let me see that and sign it first. I was just like ok (because that is such a Steve thing to do – thats just the way he is). I was busy working (i know i know – you don’t believe me – but I was working) so I just turned back to my computer and forgot all about the card.

Just moments ago, Carolyn walks up (after being washed away in the 2 minute downpour) and hands me 2 cards – one from her and one from the office – she says this is what happens when i am in charge of the office bday card – you get it late. But as I look at the office card it looks ODDLY FAMILIAR!! It was the one the guy handed me this morning to sign – now I won’t mention any names – but he is not too bright and trust me he knows who I am. What a moron. Only in our office – trust me only in our office!

BUT I like that my bday keeps getting extended and extended!! HOW MUCH longer do you think I can roll this out for???

Carolyn thanks for the cards and the present – I know Andy probably picked it out!


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