SUMMERTIME in NYC and crappy tourists

I love summer in NYC – there is always alway always something to do. And there is no reason to be inside accept when you are at work (ugh, ick, ew) and when you are sleeping. Yes sometimes the sweltering city heat can be way too much and you just want your AC, but there is so much to do in NYC in the summer and I love it. The cool summer evenings, walking home at nite – I love it.

Now what I hate the most about summer in NYC is the influx of tourists. I hate tourists – ignorant ones I guess I should say. I know I ranted and raved about this last summer, but you know some of them are just idiots!! I haven’t ran into any yet taking up the whole sidewalk while holding a huge map and staring into the air – I am sure that day will come. But today a whole HERD of mid-western looking tourists piled onto the N train – laughing and screaming at each other to hurry up and holding the doors.  For me, a person trying to get to work ANNOYING. And then  when the train took off the whole herd almost fell on top of each other. I thought they were going to go tumbling over like a group of bowling pins. Then of course they started laughing and screaming hysterically because they were all bracing each other to stand up straight and grab a pole.   Good thing I was sitting no where near them because then it may have turned out like last year when the tourist w/ the map fell in my lap.  LEARN HOW TO RIDE A SUBWAY!!!


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