My Competitive Nature

Last nite I had a date – we went bowling. My idea – I wanted to do something fun besides dinner and drinks and staring at each other across a table. Now I really suck at bowling. AND who knew there would be this big huge bowling alley in the middle of NYC.

We got there and we had to wait for a lane so they gave you a little pager like at a restaurant. So we went to the bar and had a few drinks by the time we got our kick ass bowling shoes and down to the lanes I was feeling a little buzzed and ready to get my bowl on. Again I suck. We started out our first game and frame after frame I bowled that damn ball straight into the gutters and he was doing semi-decent. The beer was still flowing and his game kept getting better, so there I was slightly buzzed losing miserably and my COMPETITIVE NATURE kicked into high gear. I began to focus through my buzz and threw a few spares at the end of the first game. I don’t even want to tell you what our scores were because they were HORRIBLE.

By this point, I was in high gear and ready for more, so we started our second game – that included much teasing, flirting, taunting, torture to try to make each other screw up – but the more we did that the better we both got (and of course more beer was flowing). We both started throwing more spares and some strikes. Our games improved immensely!!

Going into the last frame I threw a strike and I was definitely winning and gloating. Then he threw his last ball and he got a strike too and then he got another strike – and then he won!! I couldn’t believe it!! I was so fake angry! But we both bowled over 100 which was impressive considering how LAME our first game was.

It was so much fun – thank you for such a great nite. I love doing those things with you. Just watch out for next time! I will get you!!!! I WILL WIN!!!! hehehe

again – you are the best…thanks….


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