Have you seen My Pants???

just when i thought my office couldnt get any more weird…

My coworker Mark lost his pants.
Last night Evan opened the men’s bathroom door at the office and was like karin look
and there was a pair of pants hanging over the stall door. We both chuckled and just shook our heads…only in our office does weird crap like that happens.

But today our coworker Mark starts going nuts cuz he cant find his pants.  At first he was just muttering about how he lost his pants and then he started walking around the office from desk to desk asking everyone if they have seen his pants.

Of Course the office starts going nuts and I think everyone in the office thats on IM were IMing each other about the missing pants and dying because WHO LOSES THEIR PANTS!!!! It was amusing and entertaining. And several people were able to tell him the last time they saw the pants in the bathroom. I kept saying “watch out for the serial pants stealer” and then making jokes about when evan thought all his suits were stolen but his drunk ass forgot that he had taken them home the day before. I claimed it was the same culprit. (drunk evan.) Steve, then said – “you mean evan got drunk and brought marks pants home and then forgot?”
After awhile of searching we heard w/ great relief that the pants were found buried under the paper towels in the bathroom garbage. hahahaa such a good ending! “They need a good washing.” Mark was overheard saying. The custodian apparently led him to his pants.

i really do wish they hadnt been found so early in the day, we could have had this saga all day. it was entertaining and maybe even the highlight of my day.

never ever ever a dull moment here…never…


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3 responses to “Have you seen My Pants???

  • Jenn

    Nope, never a dull moment here at Turkey Temp World. What am I going to do at school when I miss these moments? And where else do grown men walk through an office asking everyone, “Have you seen my dark pants?”


  • kpshoegal

    Don’t worry. You will have my blog to fill you in. But it’s just not quite the same as actually experiencing the Insanity.

  • Jenn

    This is very true! It might be good to miss some of the first-hand insanity!

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