Thought I was gonna tumble to my…


This morning I woke up after a good nights sleep, in my new 600 thread count egyptian cotton sheets.  Showered, started to get ready and realized I could not get my closet door open. (not the first time it has happened but last time I was able to jimmy it open w/ a knife).  The closet was holding ALMOST ALL OF MY SHOES HOSTAGE!!! I found this bag of shoes under my bed and my choices were some yellow flipflops (that I could only find one of – so out!) or these leather shoes I got in Greece. I thought hey they are cute and actually match my outfit, lets go.

So I gather my stuff up, walk out of my apt turn the corner and take two steps down our steep flight of steps and my foot hits the marble step w/ my leather sole and next thing I know I am slipping and then BAM my ass hits a step and everything in my jars and then i start to tumble forward and everything is flying out of my purse.  All I could think is oh crap oh crap oh crap, i am seriously going to hurt myself.  I reached out and tried to grab the spindles on the railing and that slowed me down  a bit and stopped my tumbling but i continued to slide almost the rest of the way down.

I sat there just groaning.  I hurt everywhere and my stuff was everywhere. MONEY was actually laying everywhere.  My ass hurt, my shoulder from grabbing the spindles and my arm pulling, my wrist, elbow, ankle, knee, hip all on my left side. My upper back and neck were stiff and jarred and my lower back killing me.  I was lucky I didn’t break anything but damn I am going to hurt for awhile. I am now sitting at my desk and can’t sit here comfortably.

I think I need a hot tub and a man rubbing my body. Any takers?

sometimes I hate living in a walk-up.


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