Something at the beginning of the week kicked me in the butt…maybe it was that fall down the stairs, maybe it was just time that I decided to face reality.

But I took steps this week to substantially improve my life in 2 areas.

First – I hired a personal trainer. I know expensive, but I need someone to kick my ass back in shape. I am super excited about it. I am going to be working out w/ him for an hour 3 times a week. Lets hope it pays off….

Second – my debt. I am sick of all this debt looming over me, especially credit card debt w/ high interest rates that is from years and years ago. So I have taken steps to manage that and get it in control.

Time to get rid of the bad…

Time to focus on me and my life and get it in line – so my future will be alright.


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i am just a midwestern girl living in the big city where i belong, happy and... View all posts by Karin "CoCo"

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