Brooklyn Cyclones

Saturday, J and I ventured the long subway ride out to Coney Island to catch a Brooklyn Cyclones game. (if you don’t know what that is – Brooklyn Cyclones are a Farm team for the Mets out on Coney Island) We thought we left early enough to wander around Coney Island a bit before the game and I was excited because I hadn’t made it out there yet. I really wanted to go on the Cyclone Roller Coaster – but J is a fraidy cat!! Just Kidding 🙂 By the time we got out there it was after 5:oopm and the game started at 6:00 – just enough time for us to grab a beer and a hot dog but after standing in the wrong line at Nathan’s Hot Dog stand to get a hot dog – we only got beer. Not a good thing – as I was still operating on an empty stomach.

We made our way down to the ballpark after drinking our very large beers. We got to the stadium and picked out a Brooklyn Cyclones hat for J. I think I made a pretty damn good selection – mind you the hat is Cubbies blue w/ Red and white lettering – DUH of course!

We finally got some hot dogs and some more beer! The game was fun, it felt so weird – the field seemed so tiny compared to the MLB baseball field. But it was still fun. And the Cyclones beat the Jammers 8-6.

After the game, we wandered around Astroland Park for a bit and I tried to convince J to go on the roller coaster – but we were both drunk and the line was long. I think that was just his ploy to not have to go on it. He told me he would bring me back some other time to go on it. YEAH RIGHT!! You are just scared!!!

Anyways, it was a fun day and nite. thank you. i enjoy those moments w/ you.img_0752.jpgimg_0753.jpg


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