Vacay w/ Mom

A few weeks ago, I said “mom lets go to florida for a week and see grandma – get away and do absolutely nothing, just you and me and sometime w/ grandma.”  I found the 2 of use cheap flights to get to Destin and off we went.  My grandparents moved to Destin, FL when I was 5 years old, I am now 29. Destin is in the Panhandle of Florida and is a sandbar, it is about a mile wide and you have to drive over extremely long bridges to get there.  My family lives on the bayside, it is such a gorgeous place even though it has changed emensley in the past 24 years.  My mom used to take us there for almost the whole summer every year when we were little and then less frequent visits as we got older, but Destin to me is a Home away from Home and I love it there.

I just got back from a week of doing absolutely NOTHING.  No plans, no pressure, no commitments.  Mom and I are very much the same as in we don’t need to be running around doing this and that.  Most days consisted of an early morning walk – usually on the white sandy beaches.  Then a stop off at the Donut Hole – one of our staples in a Destin, FL visit for coffee and donuts, then back to the house to have breakfast w/ Grandma and float in the pool all day.  Some days we went out to lunch, some days we didnt and ALL days were spent poolside or in the pool. Some nites we went out to dinner and some we didnt.  Of course we made 2 trips to our favorite beach restaurant The Back Porch ( and I had LOTS of key lime pie while down there. The whole time riding around in a convertible.  The weather cooperated for us almost every day but monday with an afternoon thunderstorm that day.  But believe me, I am brown.  I have been back for almost 2 days now and I am soooo still in vacation mode, so laid back and relaxed – don’t want any worries or any drama…just want to chill w/ my book or w/ someone very special to me.  It was so nice to spend that much time w/ my mom, she truly is my best friend and also to spend that much time w/ Grandma because who knows how much longer that 84 year old amazing woman will walk this earth. 

the Bridge into Destin – the bayside

The bridge into Destin looking out to the Bay side

Rozella (grandma) and Sharlynn (mom)

Mom at Dinner at AJ’s on the water

Me at AJ’s on the water

Mom and I at the Back Porch (our fav beach restaurant – been going there for almost 24 years)

Me at the Back Porch

Me in the PT cruiser convertible

Rozella and Karin Rose

Karin Rose, Rozella, and Sharlynn Rose – the 3 Warner Roses

Mom and I at the Back Porch w/ our Key Lime Freezes

Grandma making me laugh w/ her man advice

Mom cruising in the convertible


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