The State of Karin as of late August

25 Things about me – 7 months later (lets see if i got anything different to say from Last January!)
Friday, August 21, 2009 at 2:40pm
25 Random Things About Me

1.JANUARY: I am a complete and total insomniac. Most nights you can probably catch me awake at any point during the night.

NOW: I go to bed usually btw 9:30-11pm and get up each morning from 6:45-8, I have a different job and have to be up and at em at a real world time ‘Sigh’

2.JANUARY: I got a puppy a year ago and she totally has helped in the healing of my broken heart. Everyone in my family thought my parents would have Addy back w/in months, they even had bets. She has been w/ me a year THIS WEEKEND. She also has affirmed that I do not want Children of my own, puppy is good enough for me.

NOW: Addy and I are still doing great – I miss the lil booger while I am at work. She will be TWO soon!

3. JANUARY: I am a lawyer. I always wanted to be one. Or an archeologist. I think I should have gone the other route. At 30, I am still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. I don’t regret going to lawschool and becoming a lawyer, I am just not sure if this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

NOW: Still a lawyer, different job. Spent almost 5 months unemployed, now slaving away at a firm in the Financial District. FUN. not. least i got a job… but i do dearly miss Tyco, talk about CUSHY!!!

4. JANUARY: I am a nerd and an academic. And I can be an education snob. If I could afford to stay in school, I’d be going for a 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, etc degree. Right now I have 3 – B.A., J.D., LL.M. And I am licensed to practice law in NY and CT. If I didnt despise the bar exam so much, I’d probably try for more.

NOW: I would still love to go back to school but I’m sure Sallie Mae would laugh at me if I asked for another school loan. Maybe an NC waive in or FL bar exam is in my future… maybe its time for this girl to head out of NYC

5. JANUARY: I’ve lived in Europe and traveled A LOT in Europe. I spent a whole summer on the Greek Islands during lawschool – truly truly Amazing. One of my favorite places on earth. I long to be back on Spetses, riding my bike around the island and sunbathing all day. And I lived in the Hague and worked in a firm in Rotterdam. I also spent several months in Salzburg, Austria. I really miss those days. If I could get my European Union Work Permit. I’d be gone in a heartbeat. (hence, my constant search for a European man to marry me to get my EU citizenship).

NOW: I really wanted to make it back to Greece for my 31th bday, but it didn’t happen. Unemployment had the best of me. I had a fabulous bday party at Ottos Shrunken head with my parents and bestest friends! Still holding out for my EU citizenship!

6.JANUARY: I have my first Niece and I am her Godmother. I can not wait until Jocelyn is older. I have so many things I want to teach her. And I can not wait for Jayson and Katie to have more children. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing brother and sister in law who are going to have a beautiful family.

NOW: my niece, Joce, turned 1 this week. She is amazing. That kid has changed my life. I am sooooooo soo happy to have such a precious life touch my heart strings! Jayson and Katie getting working on that 2nd one for me!!! I loved spending every moment with her last weekend. I can not believe how gorgeous she is and what an amazing soul she has!

7.JANUARY: I miss my parents a lot. I wish they lived on the East Coast closer to Jayson and I. My mom is one of my best friends on earth. And I am totally a daddy’s girl.

NOW: My parents moved to MA in MAY!!! They are now only 3 hours north of me! Granted.. i still don’t see them as much as i’d like to, BUT its much better than once or twice a year!!! LOVE YOU GUYS! So happy you are out here and your new home is amazing!!!

8.JANUARY: I met some of my best friends on earth in Law School, you 3 ladies have been my rock over the past 7 years and I know you will always be. My whole life I have been truly blessed with amazing friends, starting from 5 years old, to those of you I met in grade school, junior high, high school, college, lawschool, and life along the way. And I have become a FB addict BECAUSE it brought me back together with some of these truly amazing friends. I love you all.

NOW: My friends are still my life line. Many things I wouldn’t have made it through without you guys. LOVE YOU ALL!

9. JANUARY: I’ve been deeply and truly whole heartedly in Love once. And I still love him. I know I always will. And sometimes it all just really hurts. I am happy that he is still a huge part of my life, he is truly one of my best friends.

NOW: we don’t talk anymore. at all, not since April. It’s for the best, but I do miss him and care about him.

10.JANUARY: I am CUBS fanatic. I still can’t talk about the devastation they caused in my life this past Fall. I am also a sports junkie. Cubs, Bears, Fighting Illini, Utah Jazz, Tennis. Fantasy Football. The guys in the office convinced me 3 years ago to join their league, knowing I knew nothing about football. Well, now I am well versed in my NFL. This year I was in 3 different leagues, made the playoffs in all 3 and was Champion of 2 of them! And I love T.O. – don’t ask why, cuz I can’t even tell you.

NOW: STILL A CUBS FANATIC. they are killing me this year. sigh. But been to several games already this year – even got to sit TWO ROWS behind the cubbies dugout, it was amazing. Still love all other sports and I am totally excited to get fantasy football rolling!! In FIVE leagues this year. WATCHOUT for the REIGNING CHAMP!!!

11.JANUARY: I love living in NYC. Most days that is. There is always something amazing to do. But it can at times be a lonely lonely place and people here can be down right miserable. I never lack for a good story though. And the family of friends I have here is amazing, eccentric, and they are always teaching me new things.

NOW: Still love living in NYC. Job market has sucked, but I am blessed to have a job at a good firm. Time to make some big changes though. I am looking forward to the next few months! I have also been truly blessed with some truly amazing NEW friends!!

12.JANUARY: I love Christmas time. I totally get wrapped up in all the lights, decor, music, spirit, etc. This past one was hard. It was the first time w/out my family. Addy and I stayed here in NYC alone.

NOW: I am sooo excited for the holidays this year – thanksgiving and Christmas. Cuz my MOM AND DAD LIVE OUT HERE NOW!!!!

13.JANUARY: I am a text-er. I HATE talking on the phone. If you really need to get ahold of me text me or email. My blackberry is always on my person. Leaving a voicemail is probably a really bad idea, as I have about 28 voicemails stacked up right now. I am trying to see if my phone will hold 30. hahahaa.

NOW: I am still a text-er. Hate talking on the phone. And my former blackberry bold kept me connected to everything. Too bad its floating around in some cab right now. Can’t wait to get a new phone… my old blackberry pearl is just not kickin it. But still the best and only way to reach me – text or email.

14. JANUARY: believe I have a lot more left to do on this earth. God will show me in time. I am trying to be at peace with my life and where I am right now and I am trying to renew my relationship with God. The past year has been trying.

NOW: I am still working on this, got a long way to go.

15.JANUARY: I have 2 tattoos. Both have great “symbology” (in the words of Rob from Rob & Big – one of my all time favorite Reality Shows). I’d like to get another one but I haven’t had something that just hit me – it has to mean something really important. Although, Christina and I did almost get tattoos in Cabo when we were drunk. We did a lot of crazy things in Cabo when we were drunk!

NOW: I know what new tattoo I want and where I want it. Just 2 goals to reach before I let myself get it!!!

16. JANUARY: was told by the GI dr on Wednesday that I drink WAY too much. I think he thinks I am an alchohlic. He is probably right. hahaha. I do have at least 2 bars in the City that the bartenders know my name and my friends names and we get major hookups.

NOW: My drink has subsided because of work and lack of funds. Guess its a good thing. My stomach issues still persist though!

17.JANUARY: I am not sure I ever really want to get married, but I’d like to spend the rest of my life w/ someone. (Evern if it is my hetero-life partner Maryangela hahaaha). And I do want to have a wedding and a big party – but I don’t want to officially get married.

NOW: Still feel the same way.. maybe someone can change my outlook… SO HAPPY that Kendra is getting married next June though!!!

18.JANUARY: Drove all over the east coast w/ Kendra and Stefanie back in 1998 in my 1984 Pontiac Sunbird Convertible, its top was duck taped and leaked and the car itself was possessed. That roadtrip still brings up amazing memories and Kendra and I just had everyone rolling at Thanksgiving telling stories of that trip. I wouldn’t have wanted to do that trip with anyone else!!

NOW: had THREE amazing vacations so far this year – Vegas with Mom. OBX with the girls. OBX with Jason. my life is good.

19.JANUARY: I am actually really really really lazy. I like to sleep, which is counterintuitive to my insomnia. The only time I do sleep is because I’ve taken sleeping pills. However, I am an amazing worker under pressure and I am really good at what I do. I just need deadlines and structure, which most of the time my current job does not have.

NOW: my new job gives me a lot of structure and deadlines. so much less time to be lazy. plus i think my life has been on superspeed since the beginning of May and I haven’t had the chance to sit still once. It’s been fun though!

20. JANUARY: I am a natural leader, but it took me a long time to figure that out. (I was the president of the SBA in lawschool – the student govt). I can be really shy when I do not know people and I come off bitchy, but I am actually extremely outgoing and funloving – it just takes awhile for me to let people in.

NOW: seems i still have it in me… and also the weird bitchy shyness is still there too. haha

21.JANUARY: As I get older, I see more and more of my mom in me. My actions, my attitude, my outlook on life, some of my facial expressions. I see that as a good thing. I admire my mom. Even though everyon says I look totally like my dad.

NOW: I am the younger version of my mom. There is no fighting it.

22.JANUARY: I got lasik last April. Best thing ever. I couldnt wear contacts and now I am glasses free! My ex did my surgery and I had to pay a bit – but most of it was on him for my 30th bday present. What a great present, huh?

NOW: my lasik is still doing well. the ex no clue how he be.

23.JANUARY: I dress my dog up in clothes and she loves it. Basically tshirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts. Although her wardrobe has collected a few dresses, against my wishes. She actually has a little wardrobe, with hangers and stuff. I know I am insane. But its cold out there and she needs to look even more pretty than she already is. She has learned to undress herself when she wants to be naked. It is the funniest thing ever to see.

NOW: Addy is going through a NAKED phase. She doesn’t like any of her clothes!!!! WHAT TO DO????

24.JANUARY: I used to read books and blog all the time, but this past year I haven’t done either. I want to get back to it. I love to write and I love the mental stimulation from reading. Someday I want to take a collection of my blogs and publish a book.

NOW: I am finally getting back to this. I guess my long commutes to work got me back to reading again and I hope to start writing again soon too!!

25.JANUARY: Even though I have a degree in Finance and excelled in my coursework, I am HORRIBLE with my own personal finances. Leading me into my last thing… I just want to find a sugar daddy! To pay off all my bills and School loans! hahaha

NOW: still horrible with my finances and being unemployed 5 months didnt help!! Hopefully things are going to be changing in the next month or so for the better! Still looking for my sugar daddy!


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