Squeak Squeak Squeak

A little bit and a little bit of that…

*Ever have a noise that just drives you insane?? Well, a coworker wears these sandals with hose EVERY day and when that person walks around the room all I hear is “Squeak Squeak Squeak.”  The shoes make that horrible scrunching squeak noise. So all day long in my head when I look at the person, I just think Squeak Squeak Squeak. BUY SOME NEW SHOES!!

*In my cab share this morning, 2 girls knew each other and they jabbered the whole way – they violated the code. I was bitter.

*I am staring out my 23rd floor office window – watching the window washing guys or whatever they are doing to that building. They were struggling for a bit – that puppy kept tipping to the left and then backwards. I got bored and stopped watching – they are now gone… hope they didn’t fall…

*Addy was curled up on the coffee table this morning when I came out of the shower…. maybe cuz there was a dirty fork on the couch where she usually curls up when I take a shower.   I hope she didn’t get impaled.

* I am craving some meat. Like a bratwurst or jerky. And a few thousand beers to go with. Good thing its October – where beer is a flowing and wursts are a growing!

*I know I keep discussing leaving NYC – but you never know what is going to come your way… I just got invited to go see “Fantasy Football The Musical” tomorrow afternoon. Who knew???  http://www.fantasyfootballthemusical.com/about.html

* I really hope I kick some ass in all FIVE (yes five) fantasy leagues this weekend…. GO TEAM T.O.’s WIFEY!

alright thats all my randomness for right now… maybe more later… I do have 6 more hours of work…ugh…


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