Un-missed Connections

You know how on Craigslists there is a section called “missed connections”? “Spikey haired blonde guy in floral shirt on 4 train at 6:05pm on October 6th 2009 – we caught each others eye as you entered the train And we held onto pole hand almost touching hand… I was then one in the blue tellytuby outift. I loved your smile… Hope we can some day meet up…” blah blah blah

Well… Me and the uptown 8:03pm M15 Limited Bus Driver don’t have to worry about a “missed connection.”
We now have more of an unmissed connection… In this ever anonymous city – of course the old guy bus driver leers at me and says “this is becoming a regular date for us honey”

Really it’s titilating!! I can’t restrain myself! It’s bothersome on many different levels – the biggest being that I am consistently leaving work at 8pm. Then it takes me an hour to get home… Then i walk addy, go to bed and get up and head back to work and get there sometime between 8 and 9am.

Soon however… In just over a months time, my relationship with the M15 busdriver will hopefully be ending and I will be living a short 5 minute walk from my office on Wall Street in a gorgeous high rise building!! No more hour commutes!!! Hurray!!!

So Mr. M15 8:03pm Limited uptown bus driver our relationship will be short short lived. Then we may have to turn to craiglists missed connections hoping to find each other crossing in the night!

But for now…. I will smile pretty, toss my hair back as I laugh at your joke you make every night… Because some night my metro card may not have enough money and I may need you to give me that flip of your hand to go ahead, that I’ve watched you do for so many others…


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