A Fond memory…

and a BARGAIN!

As I was just scooping out some food for Addy, I noticed her tall rubbermaid airtight food container was down to the bare bones… Thinking I need to get her some food this weekend…

A year ago…. I saw an ad for Petco for a 40lb bag of Addy’s brand of dog food for $9.99 (normally around $29.99). Well… WHO could pass that up???? Realistically in a small NYC apartment a 40lb bag of dog food is crazy… where ever would someone store that and how would a 9lb dog ever eat that much!!
Well… Larry and I were out drinking (surprise) and we were close to a Petco… so drunk Karin stumbles in DETERMINED to buy this $9.99 40lb bag of Science Diet Small Bites for Addy. No care that it was 40lbs of food. No care that it was 40lbs to somehow get home and carry up two flights of stairs while drunk.

We get in the store, stumbling around, talking loudly squeaking all the toys and the sale is only for ADULT Small Bites…. but Addy was only 11 months – not even!! So I drunk dial my mom to ask if I can start giving my precious puppy adult food because I was so drunkenly DETERMINED to buy the $9.99 bag. Mom gave me the okay to get the Adult food but to slowly mix it in with her leftover puppy food so she could still get the nutrients from her puppy food (I hope this early entry of adult food didn’t stunt her growth – she is very tiny for her breed).

So drunk Karin had drunk Larry lug the bag to a cab for her. And drunk Karin lugged that huge 40lb bag up two flights of steps… at least I think I did… hahahaha. (I don’t add in the cab fare cuz even a 20lb bag I would have taken a cab – so cab fare to get her food is a wash).

FLASHFORWARD: a year later… Addy is still working on that 40lb bag. It is coming close to being gone.. I figure at this rate her food has cost me about $.03 a day. Not too shabby, not too shabby at all. A down right BARGAIN!

(and don’t tell me i don’t feed her enough… the spoiled lil dog has an open bowl and eats when ever she pleases. OH and it was in an airtight sealed container so still fresh as the day I bought it!)

I think I am going to go scour the ads to see if there are any Steals on 40lb bags of food!!!

Update: I just checked out Petco’s circular… $34.99 for a 40lb bag of small bites (OUCH) and if I need small bites LIGHT I can get another $10 off with my P.A.L.S. card…. well I am pretty sure Addy does NOT need LIGHT food. Different economy I guess… I should have bought 2 bags of that stuff last year.. WHO KNEW!!!


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