2009 in Review

Facebook has this application where it pulls together all your status updates from the past year… So here is a compilation of random thoughts of Karin from the past year…

So in 2009 Karin …

…was chilling on the bathroom floor, seems to be my favorite place lately.

…was mad at Addy. She was biting my pants while I was walking and she bit my leg. Ouch.

…has got chilly butt cheeks!

…is watching addy undress her self and the snow falling. She got her sweater off, such a sneaky and smart dog.

…wants to swing from chandeliers, not walk under them. Thanx Brandon and Kelly. Ahhh 90210.

…is reflecting. Somethings need to change.

…cant wait for Florida in Feb w/ Mary and Vegas to see the Cubbies w/ my mom in March!

…just saw Jesse Jackson at the gym again and totally caught him standing behind me watchin my ass on the eliptical, he smiled at me when I caught him!

…Had a great time at dave & busters w/ val, nick & les 2nite!

…is apparently Grizumpy. At least thats what I was told!

…Is officially 2 beer queer! Thank you stomach problems!

…has to decide to stop feeling. Determined void of emotion = good

…was “Riding the Dragon” last nite. Sweet.

…was not loving the color of Michele Obama’s gloves

…Is getting ready to watch Lost. Thanx to Enrique, Les and Stephanie for getting me addicted last year!

…thinks happiness is a fickle friend.

…Is thinking for a litlle 9lb dog, Addy sure is a bed hog.

…Thinks crap!!!!! I made my dog into a diva princess!

…Is in bed w/ the new phone, almost better than a man! Haha

…Watching Jason clean her apt. and thinking I should put my kurt warner tee on.

…truly believes I’m related to kurt warner. Warner is my moms maiden name!

…is taking Val to dinner cuz she is Officially a Lawyer now! WOO!

…in the words of my old desk partner, Watevs!

…Says let the games begin! I got one hot date tonite!!
Is in hell. Literally.
Needs a pillow to rest my head on the bathrm sink.
Is off to my procedures. Woo fun.
Is waiting for J. I’m loopy and tired.
…Is home snoozing. J took excellent care of me.

…is already to go. Just waiting for my escort and my dog to show up to hit the RED CARPET!

…is watching the Illini game, Addy in her Illini jersey and I’m in my Chester tee. Then got clean my room for Jason and pack for FL.

…And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Thank you Kristin.

…Is in florida, enjoying the 70degree weather. But I miss the addster.
By the pool, w/ drink in hand.
Has freakin burned elbows! Come on! Really?
left ear is burnt. First my elbows, now my ear.
Is super excited about the psychic fair at our hotel!
Is relaxing by the pool w/ my best friend on this valentines day.
…Is spending valentines evening at Classy Jac’s!!

…Is watching one of my fav movies, twister. I don’t know why I became a lawyer…shoulda been a tornado chaser.

…Is now drinking cuz I don’t got work tomorrow!

…Is watching Robs new show, but I really miss Big Black. Sigh.

…Is watching church

…Has decided I was cut out to be a lady of leisure. Is it to early to retire at 30?

…Is madly in love w/ my puppy, we are both now ladies of lesuire… Retired at ages 30 and 15mths.

…Is out dogwalking w/ jason and addy shit on my foot!

…Finally made it to vegas!! So so so so sleepy!!
Is excited to be here and my hotel is super sweet! Got bumped up to a 2 bedrm suite cuz of my VIP status! Ahaha
Is laying by the pool. Ahhhhh so nice
Just left my big dick at dicks last resort and heading out to the cubs game!
Had an amazing time at the cubs game, went to the stratosphere, now having a slice on the strip after some gambling!
Is heading for food and out to the cubs game!!
Is chilling in the sun, watching my cubbies!
Is watching soriano and ramirez doing sprints in rt field while the game is going on!! Kinda classic!
is getting dressed for KA by cirque de soleil.
Thought KA was amazing!!! Thanx 4 the tickets dad!
Is having a redbull mimosa at margaritaville w/ breakfast w/ my mom. Chilling on our last day in vegas.
Is now laying by the pool. Soaking up some rays on my last day.
Got mom off to the airport, daquiri in hand and in a town car. Now relaxing by pool w/ margarita. My flights not til 10pm!
Just got outta the hot tub, sitting in sun drying off. Then gonna head to the bar.
Is sitting at the bar. Still got tons of time to kill… Gonna head to airport after a bit to do some last minute gambling.
Is at the airport to go home and I’m leaving dead even on my gambling, not up any $ nor did I lose any $.
Is getting reeady to board the plane and leave vegas, catching the red eye. See ya’ll in NYC around 6am. Ugh!
…Is still in vegas. Sitting on the plane, waiting for them to clean up the gas spill outside our plane. Awesome.

…home from the O, harringtins – several magners and skittles later – watching never been kissed. I heart unemployment. For now that is…

…Is 2 lost souls swimming in a fishbowl year after year…

…is chilling w/ the adrock.

…Is singing “you can dance if you wanna” while crazily dancin on her bed w/ addy. just believin that god is good & god is grand!! Life has never been so happy!!

…Loves march madness and wishes she was in NC to soak it up w/ her crew there. Even tho I don’t heart tarheels. Gooo ILLINI!

…Just had the most delicious mexican food from a whole in the wall mexican deli by the karaoke bar! Mmmm I want more!
…Is drinking a glow in the dark drink at a shrunken head tiki bar and now moving on to a big huge volcano bowl thingy ma jiggy!!

…feels you are underestimating the sneakiness sir.

…Is thinking that being unemployed during march madness is niiiicccceee. Haha.

…Is over march madness, is T-16 days til cubs/yanks games and T-18 days til Opening day and maybe opening day in NC!!

…is going out for tacos, head, and lee’s bday.

…is excited that Flat Malaise showed up in the mail today and to take pictures of her all of NYC for Malaise!!

…Is heading to see the elephants come to town!

…wishes she could see her daddy when he is out east this weekend.

…Is stuck in the back of the uhaul!! Losing oxygen quickly!

…Likes how Joel said Don’t ever put a question mark where god put a period.

…Can not wait to be in the presence of her Cubbies in the new Yankee Stadium tonite!!! I feel like its Christmas morning!!

…is MORE than excited for Opening day tomorrow!! GOOOO CUBBIES! Wish I was NC with my peeps tho!

…is in love with Aramis Ramirez. He is one finnee Cubbie!

…Is singing in my head me and my brothers favorite Easter song. “Up from the grave he arose, by the mighty power of his toes, of his toes!”

…”Be calm, only by a calm consideration of our existence can we achieve our purpose to live together. Be calm, love me, today, yesterday. What tearful longings for you, my life, my all farewell. Oh continue to love me never misjudge the most faithful heart of your beloved. ever thine. ever mine. ever ours.”

…is engrossed in the Cubs game. Do not Disturb. haha.

…is thinking sometimes unemployment is really awesome… especially when the weather is this great!

…is loving that I have july tan lines in april.

…Wanted to let everyone in Iowa/from Iowa that my parents, Sammy and Sharlynn will be moving from Iowa to Massachusetts in a few short weeks! Bid them a farewell! Its so weird to think that they are leaving Iowa and will be so much closer now!

…Is getting ready to play beer pong on the outer banks, or pier pong the gnome
Loves being on vacation w/ my girls in a big huge beach house in the outer banks. Rain, cold, sun, hot, we have fun! This is the life and we totally deserve it! Been long hard roads for us, so we are able to do this. I love u girls!
Says keep your Knob on Bob cuz there’s a lot of Meat in the Tube.
Is drinking a bloody mary on the deck before packing up the Duck Feathers Express (a red wagon) with beach chairs and the cooler for a day at the beach.
Is in a cab w/ a man that looks like santa and his name is Kris and him nd his wife “vacation” from thanksgiving to christmas. I am giggling like a 5 year old and peeing my pants!
Is laying on the hammock trying to enjoy my last hour at the house in the outer banks before we have to surrender the keys and hea back to durham. I don’t wanna leave, 😦
Is in the car getting ready to leave the Outer Banks and head to Durham for the night, then back to NYC tomorrow afternoon and dreading the thought of probably having to work and starting a new job instead of another week of vacationing with my Fam up in
…Has officially left the outerbanks, in durham and going to meet clint and brandy for some drinks!

…is trying to find an outfit for my bday that is “cute LOW budget inexpensive unemployed in my seriously lacking fundage price range” – sigh…..

…Is on metro north w/ addy heading to see mom, dad, jocie, jayson, katie, payton, gracie, callie and shelby.

…Loves being w/ my fam. My niece is so amazing!!! And they all threw me an early bday party (not cuz my sis in law wanted cake ;-)!!!).

…just changed Jocelyn’s diaper for the first time, thank god there was no gross stuff!!

…Maybe gainfully employed again soon versus gainfully unemployed. God, I won’t lie, I love being unemployed… If only the government paid lawyer wages (or even close) for my weekly unemployment benefits. God Bless America.

…body is in shock. Up at 7am to go to work… I don’t recall the last time I got up that early to go to work… Maybe in 2006. Ugh, work is overrated!! I will miss my lazy days w/ addy!! Least its rainy today… Sigh.

…Is back to the grind. So this is what NYC looks like b4 11am! Haha!

…a few more hours of work and then let the BIRTHDAY FUN BEGIN!! Mom and dad just pulled into town!
…Had a good day out and about in the city with the parents and the dogs, nap time and then time for some bday party!!
…Is at Ottos shrunken head tiki bar for my bday party!! Bring on the volcanos!!!
…Had a fabulous time at my bday party!!! Thank you everyone for such a great time! Love you guys! Especially my parents! So glad they could come and celebrate with me!

…Is still finding plastic monkeys in her hair and purse from Saturday nite. Something totally wrong with this!!! Note to self: little plastic monkeys are not meant to be twisted into super thick and curly hair when very drunk!!

…Had a good bday. Thanx for all the bday wishes, love ya’ll! And the Cubs even won!!! Thanx for a good nite at the O!

…Is having a major skirt malfunction today….
Bought a sewing kit at the drug store… Why I don’t know!! Cuz I can’t sew! I thought I would make an attempt! BUT my safety pinning skillz are FANTABULOUS, I marvel at the safety pinning job I did on my malfunctioning skirt. I got some skillz..

…Is awake, moving, out the door, in my suit and headed to my first day of work. Mmmmm hmmmm fun!!!
…Is chillin at my new job, reading a buncha legal crap documents and making fun of people with Tyrsa. Glad we got to sit next to each other.
…Has fully rejoined the regular working force, getting up b4 8am. Ugh. I miss my old job.
Thinks reading a 435 page complaint is torture. I’m so bored.

…Is off to sex harrass training. Fun.
Realized that she spent the last 3 years at my last job totally being sexually harrassed. Awesome.

…Is feeling glum today, this weather sux… And I want to go back and turn summer 2003 – living in the Greek Isles – my everyday life.

…Went to this bar that you buy a cupcake and the give you a beer or wine that goes with it. It was like heaven!!!

…Is layin in the park, picnicing, catchin some rays, and drinking sangria. Happy birthday Jason!
And Jason went and got mani/pedis after a whole lot of sangria and I sat and watched drunk Jason text with his nose while the girl was doing his mani. I couldn’t stop laughing and the girl giving his mani kept a straight face the whole time!!! I don’t know how!

…is thinking about bacon vodka and I now want bacon and a bloody mary w/ bacon vodka in it!

…Just saw a lil girl waiting outside the building next to mine decked out head to toe in her Pierce Camp gear (assume she was going to the day camp). It brought a huge smile to my face and made me think of the good ole days at Pierce Camp Birchmont! Made me smile!

…is excited because I am going to get to see the cubbies play in DC and in Philly in just 2 short weeks!!

…soakin up the sun on long beach with good friends and some sangria.

…Is drinking some chocolate infused vodka and feel sleepy and slightly crispy after a fabulous 4th of July on the beach w/ good friends!

…Was just told “thank you for being you” and my heart melted a lil bit. 🙂

…is MORE than excited that Tyrsa is bringing me back wings from the O for lunch. My mouth is salivating.
had my O wings and I am one happy camper, only thing that would have made my day better is if Blanket had talked after Paris.

…is looking for pics of Blanket Jackson.

…Is headed upstate to go whitewater rafting!

…Is alive, unscathed and no one fell out of our raft! And had an amazing time. Headed back to the city.

…s layin out in central park with Jason and some sangria and addy and daisey. Enjoying this gorgeous summer day.
Had a wondeful day in central park with Lisa and Jason and the dogs – addy, daisey, and max. Then hunting down for a real grill for jason to buy. Then bbqing in jason’s backyard and playing sangria (beer) pong with Jason, Lisa, and Pocket!!!

…is going to Harry Potter with Jason and LISA at midnite!! YAY!!!

…was just called whitewaterrafting barbie.

…really hate people this morning. A freakin guy w/ a chello just ran me over in the subway and made me miss my train.

…Has a mosquito bite on my butt, so if you see my scratching my butt… You now know why!!!

…is enjoying her time in DC and heading to another cubs game! Go cubs! Let’s sweep the Nats! Look for me behind the cubbies dugout on tv today!!!!
Is just leaving the cubbies game! Cubs sweep the Nats! What an awesome weekend, amazing seats and Clint even saw me on tv behind LOU!

…Is headed to Philly for Cubs game #3 this week!!! My lifes not SOOO bad! Go cubbies! Wish my parents had been able to come though :-/

…is wishing that she could blow off work and head to the Outer Banks with Jason until Tuesday… but instead I will be responsible and stay here and dog sit and work.
…has decided to be irresponsible!!!!!!!! the Beach calls my name!!!! (only because we can work weekends now! haha!)

…Is in delaware, roadtrippin to the outer banx with jason singing “oooo baby I think I luv you from head to toe!”

…Is driving for thr 1st time in almost 3 years, while jason snores away. In virginia! Been up almost 24 hrs! Wooo hoo, can’t wait for the beach!!

…And jason thought itd be brilliant 2 ride bikes on the beach. Yes I’m typing while riding a bike.
Is up early for another day at the beach.
Is at the beach, lovin every moment.
Is loving my life and my tan right now… Beach vacays are the best! Don’t be jealous!
Walkin on the beach at nite, too bad its w/ jason and totally not romantic!!
Chillin on the beach… Rough life.
…Is sucking out of my monchichis ass!

….Just had amazing gorganzola cheese fondue, charlie and I were showvling it in our mouths so quick I didn’t even notice it had drizzled down my cleavage!!

…just shoved my face with some ding dongs cuz its that kinda day.

…Really wonders what some people are thinking when they get dressed in the morning. Do they look in the mirror???

…On the bus to DC… Catching a bus Friday afternoon from Penn Station is a clusterf**ck!!! I almost missed my bus! Thank god I asked some guy!
Is headed back to nyc on a late nite bus.
…Is about ready to go aisle to aisle on the bus in hunt of the person clipping their fingernails and rip the clippers out of their hands and throw them out the window!!!! First, its disgusting! Second, its one of the most annoying noises ever!!! Who clips their nails on a bus from DC to NYC at midnite for over 20minutes! I’m just sayin!!!!!

… Feels like crap on toast – not even from a hangover – just sick. And Jason is holding addy hostage ;-P
Finally has addy back home but still feels like crap smeared on toast!!
…Is off to work, even though my body is yelling at me “You are SICK, stay home!!!” But them the breaks, c’est la vie…

…Missin my cubbie fan(s) to commiserate with.

…Is using my dads ghetto ass old blackberry but still dont have any phone #s. But at least i have a phone… Sigh. Hopefully i can pull them off the internet

…is up and getting ready for Jocie’s 1st bday bash.

…Is hanging out at my brothers, swimming and sunbathing and hanging with the fam. Addy took her 1st swim, she was a chicken!

…”spirit is crushed”

…Had a nice lunch on a bench outside overlooking the world trade center site. Back inside to my mounds of reading!

…Loves fantasy football! Drafting is such a rush! 1 draft down, 4 to go!

…is sitting in my office staring out at the awesome view of NYC.

…is getting ready to start fantasy football draft #2!!!

…finds it mind-boggling that voting on a Fantasy Football Winning payout structure becomes a Capitalist v. Socialist Debate. Then again our league contains 8 lawyers and 1 PhD. Go Figure.

…Is now an iPhone gurl. Yuck. Haha but thanx and luv u Jason and Charlie.

…Is up to my toes, knees, shoulders, ears, head in documents. Mmmmmm securities litigation.

…is as happy as a puppy with two peters – CUBS GAMES THIS WEEKEND!!!

…is laying in the park with addy, it’s very quiet and calm. Just thinking bout stuff and wondering why life has to be so difficult sometimes.

…Had a very relaxing day. Just made myself dinner and settling in 4 the evening for my 4th and finAl fantasy football draft. You are going Down RW!!!!!!

…Wonders what this world is coming to when I leave my house during the 6am hour. I really need to work on my relationship with Aramis Ramirez so we can live happily ever after at cubs games!

…may or may not have my panties in a wad. Most likely I do.

…is full on stalking Aramis Ramirez online. Trying to get my panties out of a wad…

…Wonders if I start blogging bout Aramis u think he will notice? Is that tooooo stalkerish??? Hahaha.

…Believes herself to be a fool more often than not.

…And Enrique went to the deli for lunch today. Enrique calls Karin over chuckling and points at a sandwhich and says damn girl that’s you! Sign stuck in the sandwhich says “Angry New Yorker.” Thanx Riques, love you too.

…sometimes really enjoys her bus ride to work because of the trek through Chinatown and all the interesting things going on…. GO GO GO DIM SUM GO GO GO…which leads me to “You Win Some and You Dim Sum”. Two completely unrelated side notes: 1) I hate when people smell like moth balls 2) Holy Balls its cold out!!!!!

…was told yesterday that i have been cloned because I am not acting like the “Karin” this person is used to – that I am all business. Honestly, that would be nice… my clone could come to work and the real me could go play!! Who would you rather hang out with? Clone Karin or Real Karin??

…says someone loves me cuz im going to MENS us open finals on Sunday for free!!!! Clone Karin had to stay home for that one!!!

…really wishing I had my clone right now… So clone Karin could work and make the dough in NYC and real Karin could be chillin down in Tampa with someone I really enjoy… Also I heart football season, beer, football, hanging w/ the guys, and stressing over my fantasy teams. Love it!

…ls like I am in a creaky old Pirate ship – but its my office building on the 23rd floor creaking and swaying in the heavy winds and rain. I wonder… can I get sea sick up here in this high rise???

…Doesn’t care really… But I’m just gonna say it cuz I dislike the hawkeyes so much… Go IOWA STATE!!!!

…Just watched Venus and Serena kick ass in women dbl finals! And an amazing speech during the awards ceremony!

…Thinks the Olsen twins are stalking me. They are across the court from us.. But they look bored and i’m lovin Federer. Also over there are Jack nicholsan, Regis and joy, the Donald around the corner throwing hot dogs to everyone in his box.. This is awesome!

…wants to stop and pause and give everyone a lesson: “My name is KARIN. not Karen, not Karrinne… but KAR – IN” Say it with me: “CAR – IN. Like Car – in – the – garage. CAR – IN” Got it? Thanks for your time.

…is pretty sure that no one should talk to me for the rest of the day..

…thinks there may be a certain Je ne sais quoi about You. Mais Oui?

…Est dans une bonne humeur et attend impatiemment mon weekend long dans Tampa!

…Is trying to enjoy my day off but my head is all over the place after my great weekend trip. Off to meet friends for afternoon sangria… Hope it un-jumbles my head.

…Is busy washing my hair.

…Is unavailable right now. She is busy washing her hair. If you have an important message you can leave it after the beep. Beeeeppp….

…is straight up balls to the wall. ya heard?

…squeak squeak squeak…

…is excited that my weekend plans are folding together nicely… squeak squeak squeak…

…its time to squeak squeak squeak my ass outta here!! Home to cuddle and spend a nite in…

…Just saw “Fantasy Football the Musical” with Lee – funny as hell!! Now off to celebrate some Oktoberfest with the girls (while our hubbies are out of town – wats the saying while the cats away the mice will play!!!!)

…laced up my sneakers and tried to run away but I had a hit and run and then another hit and run…

…is craving some of her mamma’s chilli, with this fall weather….

…Is a little annoyed that the 8:03pm uptown M15 Limited Bus driver now recognizes me… “This is becoming a regular date for us” he says and grimaces at me. I wish I could get out of work earlier more often… Sigh…

…is still contemplating benching my hubby T.O. this weekend – I know, I KNOW… I am thinking Shock and Awe tactics – throw my opponents off because I sat my main man!!

…Is wedding dress shopping!!

…Is going to a pumpkin patch in Queens. This Iowa girl is going to her 1st ever Corn Maze!!!

…made it through the corn maze in 11 minutes…we had the record for the day!!! Had an amazing day…if only my fantasy football teams were having an amazing day too. ugh

…thinks T.O. tried to call me… I have a missed call from Buffalo, NY.

…is in love with a stripper…

…says ” I don’t hate you. I can’t hate the pathetic.”

…was walking Addy this morning and my heel fell off one of my Flats, not Stiletto, but Flats. It was a bit awkward walking…

…Is thhinking holy crap on a cracker it’s cold!! UGG earmuffs officially coming out of retirement!!!

…Truly believes I have angel by my side. I ❤ you.

…"You told me the Cookie Monster was one of the Seven Deadly Sins." "It is. Gluttony."

…says "They've just upgraded you to a queen-size bed, jacuzzi tub, junior suite in hell."

…Wants to kick someone in the junk.. And you most likely know who you are!!!!

…Thinks it's a Rocky Dennis kind of day. that's right I said Rocky Dennis. If you don't get it – don't worry about it!

…Says to me You are the teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoon.

…"hates when I'm an idiot and I don't know it. I like to be aware of my idiocy, to really revel in it, to take pictures. I missed a prime Christmas card opportunity." – Lorelai Gilmore

…"There have been very few moments in my lifewhere I have actually wished I had one of those enormous cream pies you can just smash in someone's face, but this is definitely one of them." – Lorelai Gilmore

…Is at a MEAT bar! Yup MEAT bar!


…Is seriously thinking about defriending all my hawkeye fan friends. Seriously. A news feed full of hawkeye comments… How boring..

…Is at a dog costume contest. Our first and probably last !!
Is thinking me and addy are both traumatized from that doggie Halloween costume contest and party. That may be the end if the road for those kind of adventures for us!!!

…just gave myself a papercut on the tip of my nose..

…Is a little bit in awe yet disturbed that Addy can use my iPhone… 2 days ago she posted a facebook status for me saying "n"…. Last nite I had my mom on speaker phone and addy licked the phone and put mom on hold…. Tonight she licked the phone and texted my mom "M". I have one smart ass dog!

…I can be flexible. As long as everything is exactly the way i want it, I can be totally flexible.

…Oy with the poodles already.

…Is attracted to pie, but I do not feel the need to date pie!

…The thrilling sensation of getting lost in a blizzard, of freezing to death in the woods and having to eat your friend's buttocks to stay alive. That is lost on many people.

…"Impossible Girl" – my Native American Name I believe.

…Is babysitting! Yup that's right BABYsitting NOT Dogsitting! Well there are 3 dogs here besides the 2 year old girl.

…Is off work for the weekend and is headed out on a super secret stealth mission! Don't ask cuz I won't tell! And if you know keep your lips zipped!

…Watching football and hanging w/ my NC crew and bears win! Happy kar!

…Heading back to NYC… And happy birthday to someone special..

…is run down and exhausted.. but i gotta keep on moving moving moving. On my grind, pounding the streets of New York.

…"You are like a mythological creature that casts some kind of spell on me and makes me act stupid. I'm not stupid. I don't act stupid with anyone else."

…wonders how beer tastes with ice cream in it.

…"If you can't be happy at least you can be drunk."

…Continues to fall in love over and over each and every day and falls harder each and every day… I don't know how i will ever say goodbye when the time comes…

…Is on the apartment hunt with Charlie and Jason. Then off to a pub crawl on the UES. Lots of walking today… Maybe I should have a drink btw each apartment I see! Start the day early!! Haha!

…Woke up to addy sitting as close as possible to me and staring straight down at my face intently. Creepy.

…"At some point in your life you're gonna have to decide that some guy is worth opening that front door for."

…you know its bad when the breakfast cart guy recognizes you because you get coffee rolls there Frequently. Hey @ $1.25 puppy keeps you FULL all day long. As we walked away from the cart I turned to Gio and Enrique and said "Each day I walk away with coffee roll in Hand and that guy just watches my ass get bigger and bigger" Thank God I didn't buy one today, I may be forever deterred from buying humungous coffee roll.

…"Not that I'm over it, but little by little it's getting easier to pretend it's easier, which means easier must be right around the corner."

…says "Reading is Sexy"

…"Only prostitutes have two glasses of wine at lunch" "Well, then buy me a boa and drive me to Reno because I am open for business."

…"I'm sorry. I really don't enjoy talking this early in the morning."

…"This tastes pink. Really pink. It's really bad; it's like drinking My Little Pony."

…There are times in your life when you have to do ridiculous things for money. I'm just saying…

…doesn't know what to do with Adult nose pickers and booger eaters!

…has two words: GUINESS MILKSHAKE

…"They say absence makes the heart grow fonder." "Yeah. Sex can do that also."

…you and me. We are done.

…Is completely traumatized by the dogs I am dogsitting!!! One almost made an escape outside by slipping out of her collar (thank god i am nimbel and tiger like reflexes!) then I get back to the apartment to grab the other two dogs to walk them and they somehow got the bag with my bottle of wine in it and broke it all over the floor!!! Four dogs are a lot of work!

…Can't believe that my puppy Addy is 2 today!! Times going by so fast!

…is off to go get Addy a new apartment for her bday! She will be living in a deluxe apartment in the sky. Lucky dog.
And Addy officially have a new home!! Deluxe apartment in the sky! Happy birthday addmonster!!

…is ready to go home and see what kind of mess Addy made on her first day home alone in her new fancy shmancy apartment.

…was just thinking about sliding through a pool of jello and donut filling.

…just got told by Gio that dancing in my chair was not appropriate work behavior…. I won't add what he said after that…

…Saw a sign on the front of some kind of temple in Chinatown that said "New BJs 99 cents"

…has got a lot on my mind but not much to say…

…almost died this morning from my mom's pumpkin pie.

…just got WAY too excited over the Carolers (in full on caroler garb), hot cocoa, and cookies in our office building lobby!!

…says OHHH Marcia S. – I curse you!!!!!!!

…Cause we belong together now…Forever united here somehow…You got a piece of me…And honestly…My life would suck without you!!!!!!!!!!

…Is thinking that if the Obama's dog Bo can high five then Addy must learn to high five too!!

…is very grumpy today. And YES I bite.

…mood has been kicked up a notch with some Holiday Cheer. The Happiest little Christmas Tree… Ho ho ho hee hee hee!!

…is just having a good day. Loves some office holiday fun! Holla to Giovanni John DiLuca – Give me Some Fups '52' Chovie III!!

…Sat next to a little girl on the train and even let her play with Addy – she was cool in my book after I saw her gazing into the next car "the Bar Car" and she said wow mommy that bar is Cool!

…Had a great day with the fam and loves listening to my 16 mth niece walk around saying AddyAddyAddy real fast in a high pitch voice then switch it up to a low drawn out grumble almost demonic Addddddeeee. She cracks me up. Also had a great nite hanging with Pammy!

…Up at 545am for my niece to open her Christmas presents, someday she will fully understand how much this means that Auntie Kanin loves her.

…Having a great Christmas day with my family. I loved listening to Jocelyn all morning with many WOWs, awesomes, and cool! Also watching addy steal a bone bigger than addy from Shelby!!

…wishes I was at home curled up on the couch with Addy in my knock off Snuggie (The Hug Throw).


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i am just a midwestern girl living in the big city where i belong, happy and... View all posts by Karin "CoCo"

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