Sometimes love knows no bounds..

On this day of “Love” my mind has been conflicted as well as my heart..

Sometimes love knows no bounds..
it leaps, jumps, hides, lands in unexpected places..
some places that are so incredibly wrong,
and sometimes in places so surprisingly right.
With each day you love, it builds your sense of being.
My heart loves, it hurts, it loves and it hurts
but in the end it just loves….

Always loves you.

And only loves you.
You have my heart..
Someday you will have my mind, body, and soul.
Someday, some way, somehow..
These two hearts will be joined as one…
Until then it just loves…

Always loves you.


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i am just a midwestern girl living in the big city where i belong, happy and... View all posts by Karin "CoCo"

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