Soberly looking through a fish bowl

I turned 33 just 15 days ago…honestly.. I can not believe that I am really 33. THIRTY-FREAKING-THREE – it sounds so old. But yet – I still think (and act like) I am in my mid-20s most days. The weeks surrounding my birthday were full of drunken debauchery and random shout-outs of BIRTHDAY WEEK!

Last Saturday, I woke up to my parents arrival for a weekend visit from Rhode Island and I was in horrible shape and most likely still drunk after a 12 hour drinking binge with my co-worker “Spring Break D-Rick” (self-proclaimed named for his actions when his girlfriend goes to Milan for 2 weeks for work every few months). I also woke up to the realization that I have been on a binge of self-destructive drinking and therefore decided to “detox” myself for a week – which has now turned into sober on the wagon CoCo for god only knows how long.

Its been interesting to say the least…being the dead sober one. Attending friends birthday dinners, attending gay pride festivities with my favorite boys – all sober. Its almost like watching the world through a fish bowl but SOBER. Its a distorted view for me… I am not saying I am an alcoholic but almost everything my friends and I do involves drinking. (and I am sure my friends are thinking I am a whole hell of a lot less fun and LAME).

Charlie and I decided we must have had a freaky Friday moment (TBD who is Jamie Lee Curtiss and who is Lindsay Lohan- dear old hot messy LiLo). He has been the one out drinking crazily, drinking alone at home, popping open champagne at 1pm on Saturday afternoon. Hope my alchie self treats him well and doesn’t hurt his liver too much!!!! Drink on CoCo inside of Charlie.

But to not wake up with a hangover at all for over a week now is weird. To not waste a day away in bed because I am too sick or my heading is pounding too much is kind of nice.

However, I must say that bottle of wine in the fridge is teasing me…normally on a Sunday afternoon after sunbathing on my tar beach (aka my rooftop) I would come in and make myself some ghetto sangria (red wine, OJ, and sprite) but today I am drinking diet cherry Pepsi and unpacking the last few boxes in our new apartment.

I have no clue how much longer I will be completely on the wagon and I’ve told myself a drink here or there is fine. But NO binge drinking, no drinking at home alone, no drinking out of pure boredom.

I am trying to make my THIRTY-FREAKING-THREE year old self a healthier self…no/less drinking, back to the gym full time, and no more unhealthy relationships with men.

I am a professional adult… Its high time I act like it (well I will always act like a goofy kid) but high time I take better care of myself and my life.

Maybe looking soberly through the fishbowl will be a good thing for me… (maybe LiLo will finally get her drunky ass out of court mandated rehab)… All remains to be seen..

(I have a feeling my friends will be begging for me to drink soon because they will be bored with non-alchie CoCo!)

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