My gay friend just told me he is Androphobic.. I’m CORNfused

gay friend —> les: OK.. I’m starting to find I’m not a truly a homophobe.

me: why you not homophobic? (because this is a NORMAL question you ask a GAY man???)

les: I’m Androphobic

les: dislike of MEN

me: androphobic
but you dislike gay men

les: yep.. Androphobic.. dislike/fear of men.  thus I said I don’t think i’m homophobic I think I’m androphobic.. I don’t think I like men period.

me: the end. i hate men.

Androphobia is an abnormal fear of men. The word is derived from the Greek άνδρας (andras/man) and φόβος (phobos/fear).

(I don’t really hate men.  i LOVE men.. too much. They just drive me crazy and they are crazy.   And Les is truly a gay man with Homophobia or apparently Androphobia – but he has a boyfriend, wrap your brain around that.)

BUT PLEASE SEE HIS UPDATE –>> Les’ new phobia


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