This is how I cheer a friend up… And it all spirals into trash…

I tend to just say stupid shit to cheer up my friends and then our conversations just turn into twisted, sadistic hell.. basically….
me:  life could be worse.. your last name could be Mullett.

 les:  I could have a mullett

 me:  you could have a cock mullett
i just made that up.. i dont know what that is

 les:  who says I don’t

 me:  now.. i would want to see a pic of your cock mullet

 les:  I’d assume really long shaggy ball hair
and really short trimmed above the cock hair
or maybe the other way around… which then most penis’s would have a cock mullet
really long and shaggy pelvis hair and shaved balls.

 me:  if i wasnt at work i would google cock mullet

 les:  I have a crew cut pelvis area and shaved balls… so not a mullet.

 me:  TMI. TMI.
crew cut???

 les:  haved and tidy.
and I almost spelled that tighty.

 me:  haved?
like half?

les:  erg.. yeah I cut it in half
half is really tidy and the other half is long and shaggy
or what I meant to type.. SHAVED..

 me:  we are demented
 les:  better than being stupid

 me:  my mom just asked if we could come up with a witty team name for my cousin’s team for her upcoming walk – she just got diagnosed with disease I don’t want to publicly say because I will really be a horrible person. i wrote back to my mom… really? because i am sure we would come up with something horrible like “shakes and aches”

 les:  isn’t that the crooked back?
I always get them confused

 me:   i dont know what crooked back is….
Scoliosis – crooked back disease

 les:  yeah yeah yeah.. scoliosis

 me:  i said shush girl, shut your lips, do the hellen keller and talk with your hips

 les:  it’s the Sc  that confuse me.
me:  mom said shakes and aches is funny but not useable. sigh

les:  Shaken Wake
oh wait.. that would only work if they were an Asian team
my bad

les: Twitch My Way?

me: see we cant do this.. we are horrible people

Public (pubic) Warning: Les and Karin – not to be trusted with your pubic hair, your life threatening disease.. or your children.


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