Excuse me… Not Andoraphobic but Anthropophobic (what will it be tomorrow.. sigh) with my dash of MYCRANDROKINSOPAPYROPHOBIA

after reading my blog post about himself Les is not Andoraphobic anymore:

les:  besides I’ve decided that I’m not Andoraphobic either. 

 les:  I’m Anthropophobic   –  fear/dislike of people or society
I hate fear.. I’m not afraid of these things.. I DISLIKE them.

 me:  what do you just read phobia websites all day???

 les:  no… I know what phobia I’m looking for and I go find it.
it’s easy-peasy

me: scared of tiny little men ripping paper? find that one!

les: this came up in the search

me: WTF
i am scared to open that at work

les: mycroandropapyrophobia

les: better yet

me: is that my fear??

les: mycrandrokensopapyrophobia
fear of little men moving paper

me: bahahahahaha

les: mycrophobia is little people
androphobia we know is men
oops that’s mycrandroKINsopapyrophobia
not KEN
Kinesophobia is movement or motion
and papyrophobia is paper
so say it with me..

me: RIDONKULOUS! you should write for a phobia site.. making up new phobias

les: if they’d pay me I’d sit around make shit up all day.

les: mycrandrerotomegachirophobia
fear of sex with little men with big hands

anyways… I am sure he will go on and on and on with phobias for the next 2 hours of his work and I will probably play into and keep giving him phobias to create. I am sure we will have a complete list of completely insane and INANE phobias by 5:30pm EST.

you. are. welcome.


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