The evolution of the word Amazing – in only my vocabulary (but its spreading).

I have found that the word AMAZING sometimes is just not strong enough to describe something or a situation.  So slowly I started sliding the word AMAZEBALLS into my everyday vocabulary.  (Not my work vocabulary – could you imagine me sitting down with one of the partners at my law firm saying “yea that opposition to the Sactions Motion was pretty AMAZEBALLS!” – umm no.)  I digress… so something happened yesterday that provoked me to evolve the word EVEN further and I found myself spewing out AMAZEfuckingBALLS.  


Hopper: I either got bit by a spider on my forehead or I’m turning into a unicorn

me: OMG it would be AMAZEBALLS if you became a Unicorn. AMAZEBALLS.

Hopper: I’m gonna have to start using that phrase

me: AMAZEBALLS? it really is an AMAZEBALLS kinda word.
me: just wanted to let you know that my AMAZEBALLS evolved into AMAZEfuckingBALLS last night.

Hopper: And I’ve yet to use AMAZEBALLS in a sentence.

Hopper: And Mine would never start with the words “he had”

Use of AMAZEfuckingBALLS:
I was describing a story to someone important to me about how an EX who is married told me I am the one that got away.

Me: Great. Perfect. AMAZEfuckingBALLS. This is my fucking retarded kick ass amazing life.

Someone important to me: What does “AMAZEfuckingBALLS” mean?  That’s a great term.  How would you use it in a sentence?

Me: I hate when you avoid any topic of substance with me, it is pretty AMAZEfuckingBALLS. And you’re an ass.

on a different note: My niece, Jocie, who has only met Mr. Les once (last August at her 2nd birthday party) told my brother last night at 2am “Daddy, you know Les.” he told her yes. “Daddy, Les is Auntie Karin’s boss.” “Yeah, he is Auntie Karin’s boss and they work in NEW YORK. Say it with me daddy, NEEEWWW YORRRKK.”

Les (my gusband and best friend) is now MY BOSS according to my niece… is someone teaching her that the “man” in the relationship is “the boss”???? She is not even freaking 3 yet!!!!!!!!!

THAT is pretty AMAZEfuckingBALLS too. WTF.


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