And this is why I should get best Auntie on Earth Award (ok maybe thats extreme – how about One Kick Ass Auntie Award?)

So later today Addy and I will hop the train to go spend the holiday weekend with my family in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. As you know from my post a few days ago, I FAILED at finding the Madagascar Main Characters to take with me on the train for little Jocie.. and only found the ghetto/stand-in/stunt double giraffe and penguin.

So my mind churns on what I can do for her to make her happy besides just giving her a random giraffe and penguin.

And I come up with THIS (there is a reason they called me the “Art Department” on our last trial – remind me again why I became a lawyer?????):

So it says:

Dear Jocelyn,

We are sooooooo SORRY we could not make the trip to Connecticut with you Auntie Karin. We ahve to stay at the Zoo for the Holiday Weekend. We will have many visitors in NYC this weekend. We hope to make the trip NEXT time!!

Your Auntie Karin came by the Xoo to see us and get our “Paw” Autographs!


Then it is signed with all their paw prints (with their names written next to it)

And yes I drew the NYC skyline in the background and colored it.. the guy in the copy center at work told me I screwed up the Lion – that he liked it better before I added all the brown. He hurt my feelings. But WHATEVER… my Niece is just under THREE like it will matter to her. She will probably just toss my efforts off to the side like “what is this piece of shit you bring me, woman!” (said in her best Stewie voice – as if she knows who stewie is… Come on Karin – she is only one month shy of 3!!)

Update you later if she really says that to me!


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