Not so Loveable Losers… :-(

If you know me at all you know that I am a die-hard avid Chicago Cubs fan… even after years of living in NYC watching the Yankees win world series after world series.. I could NEVER abandon my beloved Cubbies.


Does anyone else feel that the Cubs organization, fans, players are being punished for Shunning Mr. Ryne Sandberg and staying with Quade as the manager?

As a Cubs fan we have not seen many of these this spring and summer:

We have been seeing more flags like this (heartbreaking really):

I mean we are the “Loveable Losers” but really all this LOSING this summer is killing me. Some days I can’t even bring myself to look at the score or to hear that there was yet another LOSS.  

Right now we are 35-52. WTH!!!!  The SECOND to the LAST WORST Record in all of Major League Baseball. ONLY the Houston Astros are worse than my beloved Cubbies.

With the trades of Lee, Theriot, and Fontenot at the end of last season and then naming Quade as manager and just totally dissing Sandberg – I feel the Cubs have made some fatal moves.

We have some outstanding players on our roster AND those guys – Ramirez, Soto, Castro, Soriano (to name a few) – are pulling their weight (for the most part) BUT we just can’t seem to keep a lead or grab wins. Our pitching has been torn apart with injuries (as well as the field players).   It just seems that they canot get a break.

And I have to listen to all those damn Phillies fans go on and on and on about how great they are this year and how its destiny this year. WHATEVS! What is your mascot again? Some freaky green monster that dresses in weird outfits and no one has a clue what he is?  (Can you tell I have a few Phillies fans in my life – that are near and dear to my heart  – but I cannot stand their damn baseball team or their football team for that matter!!)

I still LOVE my loveable losers – even if if they are not sooo loveable at the moment…

I just keep wondering.. what would these dark dark days be like if only they had name the first love of my life as manager – good ole Ryno Sandberg…. (instead we have lost him forever to the Phillies organization).



me: the cubs have the 2nd WORST record in all of Major League Baseball. Only the Houston Astros have a worse record.  (I am currently jumping out my office window – goodbye and i love you)

person that means a lot to me: Don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Addy:  Too late. she already jumped. this is addy writing you. my mom’s loveable losers became not so loveable this season and she couldn’t handle it.  She loved you though and I will be living with Uncle Charlie. I will try to remain a cubs fan in honor of my mommy.  Love, Addy.

Addy:   P.S. Mommy would not like it if you tried to corrupt me and make me a Phillies fan. So don’t.  Love, Addy

me:  i just saw a clip in the elevator about how terrorists are now surgically implanting bombs. I have been saying that for like 2+ yrs now. that if i was a terrorist i would totally do bomb breast implants. i even told you that awhile ago.  god i am so smart. 
 oh i didnt die when i jumped out the window. i bounced off the big inflatable protestor rat and am still living in misery. ironic that an inflatable protestor rat would save my life. fuckers.

person that means a lot to me:  (did not answer because said person does not find me humorous.. sigh)


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