just a small town girl forging my way through the big city….

making life happen…

Key Cast of Players I will most definitely mention:

Addy – Aka “Adalyn Ella” best doggie everrrrrrrr except when she pisses me off. She’s almost 4 and is a Cavachon (look it up).

Charlie – roommate – gay single male – very tolerant loving and if wasn’t gay should be my husband because he totally puts up with alllll my crazy Bullshit. (and he loves addy as his own – even gets frequently accused of Addy being his “CHARLIE YOUR DOG JUST PISSED ON MY RUG!!!”)

Jocie – BEST and FUNNIEST NIECE EVER – she isn’t even 3 yet – but she may already be my IDOL.

Kiki, MA, Lin, KMR, Ken, Chel, Lisa – best girlfriends ON EARTH

Les – gay husband “gusband”(we own property together as joint tenants in common) and apparently MY BOSS

Mom and Dad – duh… mom and dad

Larry – best straight guy friend (NO we do not sleep together, never slept together nor have we ever made out)

CoCo – my nickname and YES it is after Ice-T’s wife CoCo

KarChel – Karin and Chel up to no good and evil


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