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Best. Auntie. Ever. Award goesssss to ME!

Jocie LOVED her picture she looked at it and “read” it the whole car ride until we stopped to go to Mystic Pizza in Mystic, CT (one of best Julia Roberts movies ever). And she thought it was sooo cool that I got their pawprint autographs.

And PS I totally could have fooled her that the ghetto/stunt double giraffe and penguin were legits. Because she totally called the giraffe Melman until I read her what was on the pic. Then when my mom asked if the giraffe was Melman she said “No Nana!! They couldn’t come this weekend! This is his friend!”

But she has named them Giraffe and Penguin (ummmm child genius!!!) and says they are friends of all the madagascar peeps.

She asked if Giraffe and Penguin could sleep with her, lamby, Nanna, Poppa, Addy, Gracie, and Payton. She fell asleep in the car clutching the Giraffe and was still clutching Giraffe when we brought her in and put her to bed – its usually lamby she clutches. Auntie Karin kicked some butt with this surprise!

Best. Auntie. Everrrrr.


And this is why I should get best Auntie on Earth Award (ok maybe thats extreme – how about One Kick Ass Auntie Award?)

So later today Addy and I will hop the train to go spend the holiday weekend with my family in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. As you know from my post a few days ago, I FAILED at finding the Madagascar Main Characters to take with me on the train for little Jocie.. and only found the ghetto/stand-in/stunt double giraffe and penguin.

So my mind churns on what I can do for her to make her happy besides just giving her a random giraffe and penguin.

And I come up with THIS (there is a reason they called me the “Art Department” on our last trial – remind me again why I became a lawyer?????):

So it says:

Dear Jocelyn,

We are sooooooo SORRY we could not make the trip to Connecticut with you Auntie Karin. We ahve to stay at the Zoo for the Holiday Weekend. We will have many visitors in NYC this weekend. We hope to make the trip NEXT time!!

Your Auntie Karin came by the Xoo to see us and get our “Paw” Autographs!


Then it is signed with all their paw prints (with their names written next to it)

And yes I drew the NYC skyline in the background and colored it.. the guy in the copy center at work told me I screwed up the Lion – that he liked it better before I added all the brown. He hurt my feelings. But WHATEVER… my Niece is just under THREE like it will matter to her. She will probably just toss my efforts off to the side like “what is this piece of shit you bring me, woman!” (said in her best Stewie voice – as if she knows who stewie is… Come on Karin – she is only one month shy of 3!!)

Update you later if she really says that to me!

Madagascar and the things I do for my adorable Niece

… even though she thinks Les is my BOSS.

One of her FAVORITE movies is Madagasco – yes thats how she says it.

And in the movie the Zoo animals break out of the zoo in NYC and take the train to Connecticut.

One day, Jocie says to my mom “Nanna, do you think that Melman, Gloria, Alex and Marty will come on the train from NYC to Connecticut with Auntie Karin and Addy the next time they come to visit??”

(HONESTLY – I think my family makes this shit up to see HOW FAR I will go for cute little Jocie… but then again I KNOW that Jocie is a smart little booger and 85.7% of me believes she really said this)

So I am going to begrudgingly go to TIME freaking SQUARE and elbow through all the stupid or AMAZEfuckingBAlls tourists to Toys R Us and find Melman, Gloria, Alex and Marty to take with me and Addy on the train on Friday.

I hope this makes her happy.. I hope this is worth it! She has NO clue the pain and suffering Auntie Karin goes through for her (i.e. the American Girl Store at Christmas time with millions of screaming kids running around giving me panic attacks!) 

She should know that I have been on the sober wagon for like 11 days now and this trip to Time Square with alien infested crazy pushing stopping in the middle of the sidewalk for no damn reason tourists MAY just drive me to drink.

So I make my way to Toys R Us in Times Square – weaving through all the slower walkers, random stoppers, etc etc etc. I am actually not to the point of killing a tourist or 10 yet. yet.

I get into Toys R Us and ask a worker “Madagascar stuff?” he looks at me and LAUGHS and says “NONE.” I said “huh? none?” He basically chortled in my face and said “There needs to be another movie to come out for it to be popular enough for there to be stuff in the store.” I looked at him with an EVIL glare and said “I treked through HORRIBLE tourists to come here for my niece and I usualy avoid Times Square at ALL COSTS. BUT Madagascar is POPULAR ENOUGH with my 2.5 year old NIECE!!! NOW what am I supposed to tell her?!?!?!!” He looks at me with a blank stare “I don’t know Miss. And have a good day.”

NOW – I want to KILL SOME TOURISTS!!! All pushing and shoving and standing in the way as I wander around and try to find SOMETHING… well this is the something I come up with… AND I KNOW IT WILL NOT PASS as Melman and ANY of the Penguineeees:

So I leave Toys R Us with a Jeffrey that vibrates to pass as Melman and a NY penguin that vibrates to pass as one of the Penguins…. I am STILL angry at the Toys R Us worker.  You are NOT CUTE or FUNNY chubby 20 something Actor/broadway show wanna be working in a blue shirt at Toys R Us in Times Square.

So I walk my way through Times Square to get to the gym and trust me I don’t hold back on those stupid tourists. I shove and I yell and I bite their heads off and hit some of them with my bag. YES. YES. I was angry New Yorker.

Then I get home and Charlie (who avidly watches the Penguins of Madagascar Cartoon) tells me there is NOOOO Way that the Penguin will pass as one of them. And I send the picture to my mom and she was like umm yea nice try but that won’t fool Jocie.

I was like great. JUST Great. So I have decided that I will just be like JOCIE!! LOOK WHO CAME WITH ME ON THE TRAIN!! And if she thinks its them.. then she thinks its them… GREAT! If not she gets a vibrating random giraffe and a vibrating random NY penguin.  End o’Story.

Maybe for her birthday – I will order online some Madagascar people – (people??? they are not people.. ummm animals??) – and take them up there with me for her birthday.

P.S. I did not drink.. under normal circumstances this would have drove me straight to that bottle of wine in my fridge. Instead I killed 5 miles on the eliptical at the gym. yay me for anger management! ha.

Vacay w/ Mom

A few weeks ago, I said “mom lets go to florida for a week and see grandma – get away and do absolutely nothing, just you and me and sometime w/ grandma.”  I found the 2 of use cheap flights to get to Destin and off we went.  My grandparents moved to Destin, FL when I was 5 years old, I am now 29. Destin is in the Panhandle of Florida and is a sandbar, it is about a mile wide and you have to drive over extremely long bridges to get there.  My family lives on the bayside, it is such a gorgeous place even though it has changed emensley in the past 24 years.  My mom used to take us there for almost the whole summer every year when we were little and then less frequent visits as we got older, but Destin to me is a Home away from Home and I love it there.

I just got back from a week of doing absolutely NOTHING.  No plans, no pressure, no commitments.  Mom and I are very much the same as in we don’t need to be running around doing this and that.  Most days consisted of an early morning walk – usually on the white sandy beaches.  Then a stop off at the Donut Hole – one of our staples in a Destin, FL visit for coffee and donuts, then back to the house to have breakfast w/ Grandma and float in the pool all day.  Some days we went out to lunch, some days we didnt and ALL days were spent poolside or in the pool. Some nites we went out to dinner and some we didnt.  Of course we made 2 trips to our favorite beach restaurant The Back Porch ( and I had LOTS of key lime pie while down there. The whole time riding around in a convertible.  The weather cooperated for us almost every day but monday with an afternoon thunderstorm that day.  But believe me, I am brown.  I have been back for almost 2 days now and I am soooo still in vacation mode, so laid back and relaxed – don’t want any worries or any drama…just want to chill w/ my book or w/ someone very special to me.  It was so nice to spend that much time w/ my mom, she truly is my best friend and also to spend that much time w/ Grandma because who knows how much longer that 84 year old amazing woman will walk this earth. 

the Bridge into Destin – the bayside

The bridge into Destin looking out to the Bay side

Rozella (grandma) and Sharlynn (mom)

Mom at Dinner at AJ’s on the water

Me at AJ’s on the water

Mom and I at the Back Porch (our fav beach restaurant – been going there for almost 24 years)

Me at the Back Porch

Me in the PT cruiser convertible

Rozella and Karin Rose

Karin Rose, Rozella, and Sharlynn Rose – the 3 Warner Roses

Mom and I at the Back Porch w/ our Key Lime Freezes

Grandma making me laugh w/ her man advice

Mom cruising in the convertible

Some pics from Kentucky Family Reunion Trip


Muffin makes me think of my life changes

Sometimes I cannot believe how fast time flies by. A year ago today my doggie Muffin died. She had been with me for almost 16 years – 16 years!! That is longer than most people stay in your life.

I know some people don’t understand the concept of a pet being like a family member but Muffin was. She was with our family for almost 16 years and I cannot believe a year has passed since she died. I remember being at work at the Home Depot, I worked the early shift – meaning I got in at 5:45am. My mom called to tell me that they had to put Muffin to sleep. When she called I burst into tears, uncontrollably sobbing. I couldn’t believe Muffin was gone. That little smiling face, wagging her tail at me every time I came home. Sometimes snubbing me when I came home because I had been gone for too long. It is crazy how attached you can become to animal and how you love them just like your family members.

My dad bought my mom a new puppy this past weekend for her bday – I think in some ways to fulfill that void of Muffin being gone. Gracie is cute, but to me she is not Muffin.

Thinking of Muffin’s death makes me realize where I was a year ago compared to where I am now. WOW. My life has changed. A year ago I was living in Massachusetts, working full-time at the Home Depot as a Head Cashier, living with my brother and Katie, and I was absolutely miserable. I was just going through the motions. Now I am here living in NYC, I have an apartment in Manhattan, I am working as a lawyer, I just took a week vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and I am happier than ever.

Odd how things can change in a year.

Muffin I miss ya, my favorite little doggie.

carolyn’s blog led me to write this…

valentine’s day… i believe it should be about the people you love, the most important people in your life. If this horrid holiday has to exist – it should be about that – they people in your life that mean the most to you, not just your significant other.

Which leads me to the story of my mom and her cookies. Monday I received a Valentine’s day package from my parents in the mail. My mom had sent a tin of her infamous cookies. I, of course not wanting to eat them all, shared them with everyone in the office and headed home with only 3 left – one for the roomie. I wrote my mom an email thanking her and that of course everyone in the office loved them as always (except Peter was extremely disappointed that no homemade gingerbread men were in there). There is nothing like a mom’s undying and always faithful love…I love my mom, she is the best mom, the best friend.

Mom’s email response to my thank you:
“Glad you enjoyed the cookies. I told dad in line at Walgreen’s Friday night (about 7:30 p.m.) I wasn’t going to send valentine’s to the kids this year. But the clerk looked at me funny and got me right thru the heart.

So I went home and made cookies. Got up at 5 a.m. Saturday cleaned and made icing. Let them sit to get somewhat hard and went out to find tins. Dad and I went to factory card outlet, Michael’s and had to go back to Factory card to get tins. Back home to load them up then to Marion post office to mail. It closed at 10 a.m. and now it was 11:30 so we buzzed to the Blairsferry post office and got there in time. Lots of trouble for you three kids. Dad said he just knew I couldn’t hold out.