Sometimes Life if so Good but yet so Empty….

Laying in central park earlier today by myself…a realization smacked me right in the face…sometimes life can be so good. For me right now, it is…it is excellent, i live in one of the greatest cities in the world, i have a good job, i make decent money, i get to do amazing things all the time, i have good friends, a city full of millions of people and millions of things to do…

BUT I realized there are 3 people that have been a huge part of my life the last 5 years and I miss them like hell…like crazy… there is definitely a void in my life without them.

And if there were 10,000 people out at a festival drinking free beer – and one of them called and said lets go – I know we would be in the car in 10 seconds flat.

Mary, Linda, Kiki – I miss you ladies….miss you lots, you three are my soulmates. Can’t wait to see you in October.


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