Fantasy Football!! WHAT did I get myself into???

ANY words of advice from my guy friends (or any of my girl friends that happen to be crazy football freaks – KIKI)??? would be much appreciated…

the guys in the office convinced me to be in their league…Me being me and always up for a challenge and lil bit of trash talking was like sure why not – I will fork over $35 to be 1 of 2 girls in your league!! why not lose a lil bit of dough to spice up my office life!


if you know me, you know that I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT FOOTBALL!!!!


I mean I can sit and watch a game and know what is going on, I know some of the rules, etc etc. I know that Kurt Warner plays for St Louis and he went to my undergrad – University of Northern Iowa. I know that Tom Brady, Matt Lyte, and Teddy Bruschi all play for the New England Patriots and they used to come into the Home Depot I worked at in Mansfield, MA all the time. oh and my puppy Payton, is named after Walter Payton…


BUT other than that small bit of knowledge – I know NOTHING about the players.


My DRAFTING strategy:

base my picks strictly on LOOKS and BODY

i.e. Reggie Bush…

I was thinking who cares if I lose if my whole team is HOTTT

BUT I have been yelled at by Manny and Garrick (who are kindly helping me with my draft!!) and they both told me that was a stupid strategy. Manny actually told me to STOP sending him half naked pics of Reggie Bush. I mean my strategy for our World Cup office pool was either countries I really like to visit OR countries with kick ass names – like TOGO.


So far before the Draft has even begun – my lovely male officemates – have bashed me twice… TWICE…


one of our draft rules is this:

5. No drinking during the draft Karin. We will be drug testing and taking A and B samples from each player.



another one of my male co-workers posted a poll:

Which owner’s draft preparation do think will be most effective?
Pieter ‘s cocaine-fueled all nighters. 1

Evan’s five part interview with disgraced former Jet head coach Rich Kotite. 0

Karin’s week long alcoholic stupor. 0

Peter’s key word searches in Produced/emails/1986/Taylor, Lawrence. 2

Lee’s strategy sessions with his Mommy. 1

Carolyn’s exhaustive research to determine which players like to eat gumbo. 1

good thing no one has voted for mine yet, or wait maybe that is a bad thing….


so NOW GAME ON!!! watch out guys, you may think i am a sleeper football dumby but WATCH OUT!!!

But any other words of advice…please please please let me know! Draft starts Monday 8/28 at NOON – oh yea i got screwed – I have last pick in the 1st round (1st pick in even rounds but still).


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